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A Peek Into the Lives of those Working in the Corporate World

Sourabh Tiwari right in the preface sets the tone right. He explains to the reader why this book came about and why should one read this book. It's Monday Again! is a systematic and crazy exploration of the life of those who work in the corporate world.

Sourabh Tiwari introduces us to the hullaballoo by stating that we are into the race knowingly. Knowing that we will fail and yet again and again we wake up and start this frantic journey.

He also explains the corporate hierarchy or business hierarchy and the workload associated with it. You get introduced to the mental torture that those at the bottom of the pyramid ought to undergo. Sourabh Tiwari is certain of what he wants to narrate so he doesn't digress at all. If you are not into the corporate world perhaps you may feel a bit out of place, but which he has already cautioned in the beginning.

The author systematically approaches the different tasks a corporate worker needs to do, whether it be the preparation of the PowerPoint presentations, handling case studies, role play, question and answers and all the last-minute anxiety and trauma associated with it.

The language of Sourabh is easy to understand, you can read this book in a seating. The book is a must-read for those who feel that other than them there is no one else who has to bear the brunt and load of work.

About the Book
Running late for a deadline? Preparing to meet an important client? Getting bored after going through an endless display of PowerPoint slides? All this & much more to experience and endeavor on a daily basis in the corporate world. An honest effort to take you on a roller coaster ride with a learning curve worth remembering in a lifetime.

About the Author
A core professional with experience across various industries leveraged into multiple business segments. A voracious reader, an avid traveler, movie buff & an optimist rooted in the DNA.

Book Name: It's Monday Again!
Author: Sourabh Tiwari
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs. 200/-
Pages: 100

You can Purchase the book HERE

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