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Short Story: Art Teacher, An inspiration

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

“Good morning students”

“Good morning teacher” the students replied in unison to the warm greetings made by the art teacher.

The art teacher for us was a goddess who was compassionate, loving and kind, she was the one who honed our talents, and we were practically never interested in studies, we loved to play, have fun, paint something unusual and do some handicrafts.

I had a classmate called Vignesh, with love we would call him Vicky he was very ambitious, he wanted to be everything to everybody. Thus he was liked by everyone.

Group Sharing

Once our art teacher asked us to share about our ambitions with one another. The proactive tallest girl Tina stood up and expressed her wish to become a painter and obviously, she would become one, because it was she who always won the first place in painting competitions in our school. The shortest boy, Ashok was a silent chap, when his turn came he stood silent expressing nothing, “He may want to become a peace maker” Manikandan silently whispered in my ears, in like manner, my classmates one by one expressed their ambitions.

When it was the turn of Vicky he stood up and said, “Teacher, I want to be a politician, I want to be known by all in the world, I want people to flock to speak to me.” Vicky obviously was the richest of all students, his father was the former CM and his royal history goes on and on…..

Teacher’s advice

“My dear Vicky, we are not certain of our future, neither do we know what is God’s plan for us” said the teacher tapping Vicky on his back, “to be known by the world and to see people flocking to meet us, we need not be politicians, but, all one needs to do is, help the needy and give them whatsoever they need”.

Vicky was disturbed by this and he said , “Why should I give from my parents hard work to someone a stranger?” The teacher answered, “because they are our own brothers and sisters, we must give them not expecting anything in return, we must give them, because only when we give, we learn to become simple and humble only then will people start loving us, they will start flocking towards us to speak to us.”

Vicky was enlightened by this, he ran home and asked his lovely mom to parcel food without even giving a hint of what he is going to do with the parceled food, and then he took the parceled food to the slums and gave it to a family everyday and in this manner in a month almost twice or thrice Vicky and his family donated food to the slums and slowly Vicky was known to the slum village as “Sahaya Vickyor Helping Vicky”. Vicky without even knowing, was now been known to the world and was becoming famous, even without becoming a politician. This is how our art teacher played a vital role behind the curtains.

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