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Awakens You & Me

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

When I teach 'Understanding Gender' for my students, I always get blank faces. Because either we have understood it or are confused about it. Gender is a complex terminology that needs to be explored and correctly given the interpretation that it deserves. Nishtha Anand in her book, 'Awakening the Rainmaker: A Guide to Gender Equality' tries to explicate her experience with the stereotypically thought processes that one faces in everyday life. The book is clearly talking of giving women the agency they deserve.

The current issue is no more about women being the inferior but it is about Gender Non-Binary that is being unnoticed. The book by Nishtha Anand gives women the impetus to go ahead and achieve their dreams.

What makes this book interesting is the inclusion of the author's interaction and learning from great leading women. In every field today, women are seen excelling but their voice is curtailed. But Nishtha Anand through the examples notes that these women stood a firm ground and achieved miles.

If you have watched or read 'Handmaids Tale' by Margaret Atwood, you will certainly agree with me as to why it is important to give women the agency and the voice they deserve. Because when both these important aspects are taken away from them, they are exploited. And 'Awakening the Rainmaker' inspires individuals to give women the respect, dignity, and rights they truly deserve.

We have aplenty to achieve no doubt, but let us start from here. The author begins this conversation without any hesitation.

Purchase the book HERE

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