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Book Review: '1st JOB AND 10 MISTAKES' by Uttam Kumar

The book is a reservoir of wisdom, more specifically if you are going through financial crisis and do not know what to do. Uttam Kumar in his simplistic style presents 10 mistakes that one does at his / her first job opportunity. He advices to take care of these mistakes so as to manage the financial future.

Reading between lines I feel Uttam Kumar has given very simplistic guidance to have a bright financial future. In all the chapters basically he strikes at three points:

He emphasizes on making a Career Graph.He request youngsters to seek example or learning from experienced personalities or senior experts.He also strongly recommends to plan.

Planning is what we usually forget much before we start anything. It is planning that helps us to complete certain tasks on time and sometimes before time. I had no chance then to agree with Uttam Kumar on his views throughout the book.

The designing of the book is splendid. Although I found a spelling error and typesetting error, it all subsides with the magnanimity of the quality work that Uttam has produced.

The book is an eye opener for those who take loans for luxury, who spend money without a second thought, who in a hurry snatch the first job, who glue themselves to the work not updating themselves and who feel that one must remain a clerk throughout life and not aim for a higher post.

Uttam is optimistically guiding his reader to be careful and alert while handling finances because that is what gives success to a person economically.

So I suggest even if you are not a voracious reader or do not like reading at all, you must atleast fetch this book by Uttam kumar and make yourself financially sound and happy with your first job.

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