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Book Review: '4 am Conversations' by Ayushee Ghoshal

Ghosts are usually believed to haunt in the midnight but the ghosts of Ayushee Ghoshal are sure to haunt you at 4 a.m., supposedly, these are different kinds. Keeping to the blurb of the poetry collection titled, “4 AM CONVERSATIONS” Ayushee’s poetry is about the love that got away. It is a collection for all those who forget to love the lover one is meant to love.

Ayushee Ghoshal is pursuing her degree in BBA LLB at the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore. Her passion for writing has led her to be the youngest contributor to various national and international anthologies. She also aspires to become a storyteller. With this work of literature she attempts to leave an indelible mark in this world.

The cover page seems very haunting presenting a burning cigarette which holds the transient time on it. And below it a glass with ice cubes depicting the stillness that painful relationships bring about. The book is systematically divided into nine parts, each having their own significance and transporting you to different stations of a lover’s life.

Ayushee Ghoshal’s poetry is a blend of emotions. She presents poetry as intoxication that has happened due to love relationships. She also presents wonders of life keeping the uncertainties in focus. The overall theme that runs throughout is relationship struggles, joys and hopes. She often times dreams and hopes to be together with one’s lover enjoying every bit of life. But betrayal has made a tragic impact and the rest of the story is gloom and loss. One of the most important things that struck me while reading this collection of poems is that Ayushee understands that time teaches us regrets rather than time healing the pains we have undergone.

It is this obsession of the loved one that keeps one awake early in the dawn to have the conversations with the ghosts of old lovers. In one of such confessions the poet also recognizes that one is the other’s need and never a want. When the beginning has been a display of heart break, the end is optimistic conclusion that the poet decides to live a life free from this possession of the thought of the other.

I believe that is what the poet asks us to take home from this beautiful tragic collection; life is a journey, we may start with the best of experience of love and come across the worst tragedies of life and suffer pain. But ultimately we ought to live our life forward, so why not live it free from the thought of the bird that left and never returned. Read this poetry collection to experience love, betrayal and freedom.

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