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Book Review: 'A road not traveled' by J. Alchem

Can the world be a single country? Given the fact that we celebrate today the independence day none of us would vouch for a ‘yes’ to the above question. Nevertheless this happens to be the subtitle of the book titled, “A Road Not Travelled” by J. Alchem. The question definitely comes to existence due to philosophical thoughts that have conspired in the mind of the author. The story thus, flicks an attempt to make the whole world into a single country, well of course getting rid of social evils that are pending to be resolved.

The cover page is quite attractive giving a glimpse of what is in store for us in the story.

The writing style is quite simple with lot of inputs by the author to live a decent life.

The language is simple and easy to understand and the stream of thought matches with the reader for certain. The author goes on and off to the past clubbing it to the present. So the whole story smoothly flows from the start to the end. There is no chance to get bored as the author includes quotes of wisdom. Unlike certain authors who feel lost for words, J. Alchem uses apt words portraying the exact emotion. Flashback and flash-forward techniques are executed effectively by the author.

Though I felt that the author could still do more to get the story-line vehemently across, the story is full of surprises, the twists and turns making one want more. The whole attempt in the novel is to make the world a single country which would be a herculean task if endeavored. It is idealistic sort of, but the strategies used in the novel seem to show that it would be possible to some extent.

Every story has its climax and this too does, but you will be shocked to know whether it was really a matter of making the world a single country or this surge was pointless. To know more it would be pleasant enough to have this beautifully decorated book A Road Not Traveled by J. Alchem.

I have taken something for myself from this book, that is, we keep moving in our lives, sometimes we feel that we should be alone and no one else around us, but we need the presence of the other for our sustenance and well being. We come across very many people who sometimes turn to be our friends, but they do not last long, as we move on and discover new friends in the place we have moved to. In a way stating that everything is transient and we have to keep moving to make the world a single country, atleast with regard to making everyone a good human being.

J. Alchem is the winner of Super Hero Story teller, NaNoWriMo 2015, and StoryMirror 2015.

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