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Book Review: 'A Season for Dying' by Sharmishtha Shenoy

I never say this in any of my reviews. But I have to say, this particular book because it is tremendous. You have to at least for once read this book. It is a real thriller, satisfactorily, unpredictably gripping. The setting of the story is a city of Nizams. I find this story so peculiar and its character sketch attractive because it certainly crosses my expectations of their development. The novel beholds a detective character as the protagonist and the character is the kind that we all love.

From the cover page till the end of the story you are just hooked. You don’t want to end the novel but unfortunately you have to. Nevertheless you still have hope for more as this is just a recent book in the series.

Every character introduced and narration given by the author is highly commendable. The author no doubt is a good writer as she holds the suspense till the end. The sequence of murders happening and the revealing of events from time to time are boldly done. This novel also perhaps makes us introspect about what conspires in our mind most of the time. That we are unable to actually do what we want to do but end up doing what we do not want to do etc. our every action flows from our continuous rumination on thoughts that impact us.

One of the lovely characters of the novel is Vikram Rana because one can easily connect to him. No doubt he is clever and witty. He has clear eye for details and therefore he is at his best. The author perhaps has wonderfully crafted this character.

Reading so many novels now what I understood so far is the plot has to be really knit well so as to blend together the different ideas working. Sharmishtha Shenoy has marvelously portrayed this expertise by her flawless display of every revealing of the plot. The only hiccup was the typographical errors and a few editing glitches which could be avoided.

The book is nevertheless a thrilling read, take to reading this book.

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