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Book Review: '...And Tomorrow Comes Another Day' by Thashneem Sunil

Marriage is definitely a complex institution. Unless one knows how to handle one’s relationship with the other it leaves life distorted. ‘...And Tomorrow Comes Another Day’ by Thashneem Sunil is a novel that deals with such issues. Thashneem Sunil comes very strongly in this book with a message that life doesn’t end with certain obstacles that fall one’s way. This is her second novel after ‘My Love Never Ends.’ One thing that makes this book practically different from the novels of the type that I have read is the smooth flow that leads one event to the other. Perhaps the disclosure and revealing of the story is systematically done by the author.

The cover of the book speaks for the story within. Although the color doesn’t look as attractive but portrays that despite the gloomy sections of our life, we ought to still march forward. Not individually as ostracized persons but hand in hand with the one who stands with us.

The novel contains within it themes like; love, rape, relationships, parental duty, ignorance, dowry, causes of distortion in marriage, patience, facing truth when necessary to avoid evil, and many more. As said earlier it is a cluster of relationship confusions unnecessarily formulated due to ignorance or rigidity. Living in this fast paced world we also see that everything happens so instantly that we do not know or do not want to know what has happened not just in our neighborhood but also within our family members. Sometime parents, to save their dignity do not give ear to their children when they are met with untoward situations.

As per this novel, the protagonists, Dhianni and Phani have a very bold character to deal with. If it was not for Phani many of these situations would have been left halfway. The character of Phani is developed well. The story sequentially moves from one character to the other so this novel contains a number of interesting stories that bring the real face of certain part of our country, India.

The language is monotonous due to the use of similar words again and again. But throughout you will never feel to put this book out of sight as the storyline grips you. Making you want to read more.

Life doesn’t end when you are faced with a challenge. Rather it begins more evidently right from there. It teaches you to face life ahead if you take it seriously and brave the challenge. ‘...And Tomorrow Comes Another Day’ assures you a ride through, that all happens for good and definitely tomorrow comes another day.

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