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Book Review: 'Bachelor'$ Marriage' by Akshat Pradeep Solanki

Akshat Solanki is a young writer and his style of writing glued me though at times the monotonous conversations did hurt my nerves. He glues you by his style, style that is absurd telling almost a similar story in a different manner. Romantic fiction has now become something common and what makes it more interesting is that Akshat with his absurdities presents the subtle conversations. This is kind of bringing to the fore that which we sometime fail to recognize.

Akshat has no doubt used telephonic conversations but they are intentionally done so that we observe the most simplistic things in our life with more effort and attention.

The book presents a lot of colorful characters before us and they are not well-developed more so because it is not a need. Akshat should have taken little interest at editing the book more seriously because of the spelling errors present which cannot be digested given that one has a great narrative and linguistic style.

The book is a romantic novel, but unlike others this expresses romance in a different manner, to know or grasp the realm of the romance presented you ought to make efforts to purchase the book and read it.

The title though seems satirical, it is not logically correct. But the fact about it is, it leaves a hard impression on the reader or anyone who glances at just the title of the book. The title itself makes you think and fall for the book. So Akshat has used a lot of techniques not just to write the book with subtle absurdities but also with regard to its hidden marketing strategy.

Prabeen Nayak, An Avid Reader Comments on the book Two rings but one finger. It is a story about Sujay who had kept his legs in two boats. At one side was his love Gunjan whom he promised not to leave at any cost (whom he helped in a road accident). Another side was his love Jyothi, whom his mother already made her daughter-in-law and asked not to leave him alone at any cost. He was in turmoil, not able to express and tell anyone, anything. Because he was caught up with his parents, more so about the prestige and reputation in the society. It was coincidental that his heart beats for both of them. One day Gunjan dies by a bullet shot by a man. His heart is broken into pieces. It took two years for him to overcome this shock of losing his beloved. Later he convinces Jyothi and marries her. “Life always plays with us by keeping suspense about the next step. But love continues…..”

Book Blurb

Can you really be in love with two people at the same time?

17-year-old, Punekar Sujay is a simple, religious guy who belongs to a family for whom prestige and one’s image in the society are of utmost importance. For his orthodox family, concepts like love, attraction and (god forbid!) girlfriends do not exist; there are only arranged marriages because your family knows best. And so all his life, Sujay has believed that love doesn’t strike you as a teenager. But when an unusual misfortune brings spunky and quirky Gunjan into Sujay’s life, he has no idea how amazingly complicated his life is going to get; because his mother has already promised him to be wed to the sundar and susheel Jyoti.

Every time Sujay tries to make a decision, he can’t, because he really is in love with both Gunjan and Jyoti. And that is not how life functions – certainly not his family. Will he be able to get out of this mess? Or will the mess really take over his life? Only time can tell.

Bachelor’$ Marriage is a story about love, friendship, family and what it means to really grow up.

About the Author

Akshat Solanki, 20-years-old, spends most of his time learning about his family business. He wants to pursue an MBA from one of the top universities in the world after graduation from NMIMS University, where he is currently studying to become an engineer. He aspires to become a successful combination of an innovator and an entrepreneur. He likes reading novels, writing, going to the gym, cycling, travelling and discussing social issues with friends. His favourite writers are Jane Austen, Agatha Christie and Dan Brown. Akshat currently lives in Pune and is working on a sequel to Bachelor’$ Marriage.

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