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Book Review: 'Because…Every Raindrop Is a Hope' by Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli

If I ask you whether you were infatuated anytime of your life, I am sure you will hesitate to reveal that you did. It is natural we like to hide certain facts of our life. But Raj Malhotra the protagonist of the novel, ‘Because…Every Raindrop Is a Hope’ didn’t even know that he was infatuated but he did. He was infatuated and his life took different turns. But at one point of time when he wanted to escape there came a flicker of hope. How and in what manner that is what you will have to find out reading this book.

The novel is an easy read, although a few grammatical mistakes, but keeps you glued throughout. The beginning of the novel sounded of the track but the introduction of each character into the scenes and the description of the characters are done perfectly well by the authors Mansi Sharma and Sankalp Kohli.

The cover page is not so expressive of the story. The story line obviously is a hook and you notice that they are relevant issues that the authors deal with. The novel discusses ragging, jealousy, infatuation to a great extent, teenage experimentation etc. The most basic thing about life that it teaches you at every point of time something that will help you in the future. But if one has not learnt it, sometimes we come across people who guide us through. Something similar the protagonist meets with.

So basically this is a story for those who love to relive college life, read about love and its aftermath and more so to motivate oneself. The book could be a ray of undying hope throughout the seasoons in times of your distress and turmoil. I challenge you that you will love it for its natural and simple flow from the beginning till the end. And that is the specialty that makes Sankalp Kohli different from other authors.

Kudos to both these authors for such a lovely book.

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