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Book Review: 'Bouquet of Emotions, Feelings And Thoughts' by Subhrajyoti Parida

When you lose one of your dearest persons, you feel some sort of emptiness within. Sometimes people resort to deviant activities in these cases. Some people try to heal themselves from these wounds by doing something for the other in the society. Channelizing such emotions in the right path is necessary. Subhrajyoti Parida took the latter case. When he lost his dearest mother, he resorted to poetry to express his emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Poetry till date has not been defined even if it is defined it cannot hold the complete definition because poetry is such. Sometimes you do not know how it happens but it does. Subhrajyoti in this collection of poems brings number of themes; human nature, religion, philosophy, social issues, female feoticide, loss of a mother, relationships etc. The cover of the book is quite simple expressing tribute and that is what bouquet ought to do.

The collection is divided into 7 sections and they are systematically divided by the poet as per the running theme in the poems. The very first section begins with his reminiscence of his mother. Priorities of life are seen very clear in the mind of the poet. And the other sections express definitively other issues. One thing that sets this collection from all others is its absurdity. Because one would not desire to think about such things and write about them, but Subhrajyoti does it and makes us to think about them.

Bouquet is a true package of emotions although the poet could still do better to refine his poetry in terms of its semantics. But emotions are perfectly placed. Some of the usage of words is so innocent making it a very interesting read. The poet thus excels in winning the heart of readers by utilizing expressions that would strike a chord in the readers.

I would like to specify a few of his lines that I liked in the collection: These lines are from ‘Love thy Nature’ poem “Blue canvas and a ball of fire, so clear and clean they appear. Patches of cloud cover the fire, making the heat disappear.” From another poem titled, ‘She is the one….’ “A world to create, a life to procreate. Holds the key to a new being, while taking the pain for a living. With strength limitless, she is never ever hopeless. Always caring and loving, she too has feelings.

I would like to do a literary appreciation on his small poem titled, ‘Hope’

With light at the end of the tunnel, And ray of hope cracking through thick cloud cover, Anguish and pain flushed through a wide funnel. Happiness and joy are soon going to come over.

© Subhrajyoti Parida, 2016

Bouquet of Emotions, Feelings And Thoughts

The poet’s assurance of what is going to come is quite clear from this poem. The poet looks to have faith and trust in his God for after every pain and anguish he would suffer he knows that there is happiness that would await him. Because happiness is a gift and it comes only if God desires to give us after we have borne our pains with that hope. This poem is pretty simple to understand but you can see the poets affirmation and bold voice in it. These words can assist a person who has lost his or her hope and wants to give up. These lines can be the backbone of a successful person driving him or her through lives challenges.

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