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Book Review: 'Breathing Verses' by Elwin Dillu

Elwin Dillu has been highly philosophical in these 23 poems. The collection is a treat embodying the themes that have been dealt with in the books written by stalwarts like Victor Franklin or the themes that are explored in the plays of Shakespeare. But Elwin Dillu makes their relevance felt through these verses in our day to day lives.

Elwin Dillu makes himself a love and peace enthusiast through these wonderful poems jotted by him. He presents the human selfishness that hampers the relationships between friends, parents, siblings, and parent-child relationship. Elwin draws lessons from nature and enumerates it as necessary for bettering life. Love, which has been the virtue that has lead the life of great saints in the country like Mother Teresa, Elwin states that it is only love that will spread the aroma and make everything look different around us.

The poems are written well, each one ending with a message to take home. So it is advisable to read one poem at a time to understand the depth with which each poem is written. But with regard to the techniques that are used, the rhyming looks a bit forced at times. The poems take a narrative style, explaining each and everything in detail. Elwin has a peculiar way of displaying the stories existing around him and the world at large.

“None was the ruler, still had a role,” I loved this line from one of his poems. This line proves to us that there are no distinctions made between and among people. There is no one superior and no one inferior on this planet. But what is assured is that all of us have a role to play. And as responsible citizens of the country we ought to exercise that duty.

Overall reading these poems was a breathing experience that filled me with joy, happiness, faith in myself, gave me a sense of purpose in life and that I need to spread love to all whom I encounter. Very much true to the cover page that defines it all for the title of the poetry collection and the verses in the book. Great work indeed and loads of chances to scale higher.

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