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Book Review: 'Broken Bangles' by Vaidehi Sharma

Vaidehi Sharma carves strong woman stories the characters of which do not want to leave you free. They still remain to haunt you or to put it optimistically they churn the reality that exists and will remain to.

All the three stories bring to light the plights in which woman are most of the times. Either helpless to know that they have been abused and the reason for their abuse is another woman. Or to know that their silent or misconceived actions lead to tragedies in their lives. Or to know that desires to love and understand is present in all of us, and that grows when one is pushed into an untoward situation.

Vaidehi brings out one story through an interview and it looks more natural, and sustains one's mind with bruises. The other two stories are narrated to some extent they looked a bit stretched but could be forgiven for the fact that they are well written. Vaidehi has beautifully carved the character of 'Meina Jaan.' The character is introspective, mature, sensible, relatable and docile.

You will feel that every character wants you to love her as they are sincere in their emotions and true to their expressions.

Loved reading the book!!!

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