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Book Review: 'Broken Verses' by Aziz

We have heard many definitions of who a poet is. And one of the definitions that I still behold is; a poet is someone who observes the ordinary things of life and makes them known. The fact that I was able to connect, realize and awaken to many realities that I did not give serious thought to, before reading this collection of poems by Aziz, tells me that he as a poet has succeeded. While reading each of his 19 poems I was alerted and was able to connect to his string of emotionbecause love is the sole language all through his poems.

Aziz’s poetry is philosophical and confessional in nature. From the start till the end, Aziz juggles between love, betrayal, dreams, loss, loneliness, failed relationships, and a desire to unite with the lover. The verse that still lingers in my mind is, “you love the person, but the person doesn’t love you.” Perhaps that seems to be the reality.

Majority of his poetry speaks of toxic friendship; which actually takes away all the positive energies in a person. The last poem is a consolation for the reader as here Aziz seems to have changed his ideology with regard to moving forward in life despite one facing betrayal and rejection, because one broken relationship is not the end of life. Human beings are made to relate and thus the world is a hub where we meet different people at different time, and life goes on as we explore new relationships.

The title of the book is thus justified by the character of the poems. The cover page is not so attractive and I felt it doesn’t link to the theme. It could have been better. The language of the poet is simple and relatable. The interior designing of the book is at its the best.

Though they are broken verses they are stringed together perfectly and it is a treat for every lover.

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