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Book Review: 'Cocktail of Emotions' compiled and edited by Nikita Goel

RainDrops publishing has always been known for their handy books. ‘Cocktail of Emotions’ too is such handy and attractive book that makes you to read it at one sitting. The book contains 18 poems from different poets, all treating the theme ‘Emotions’ in their varied fashion. The cover of the book is apt to the poetry that flows in the verses.

For some of us, reading the introduction to a book is very important because that puts us in the right frame of mind. The introduction to this book was limited and also misleading. The introduction said it is a collection of poems and short stories centric to feelings, which infact is not, because the book just contains poems.

Despite this, to treat an abstract theme of this kind, is quite difficult nevertheless the poets have done their best to explore different facets of emotions. One or two poems did not match the criteria and looked out of place. The editing of the anthology could have been much better. Some of the poems look half complete and raw.

The poems that struck a chord in me and which really stand out are ‘If You Can’ by Haripriya Singh, ‘Conflicting Emotions’ by Snigdha Shaw, and ‘Mirror on the Wall’ by Bernard D’sa. Nikita Goel’s compilation nevertheless stands out because of her eye in looking at every literary work as a potential story teller. The themes that run through the poems are from Parent-Child relationship to metaphysical ideologies.

This cocktail is packed with relationship woes; hurt, betrayal, regrets, love, presence, authenticity, etc. It is also a package of personality introspection; accepting oneself as one is, to unmask oneself and be the real me, to live life to the best, etc. And thirdly, a metaphysical transcendence i.e. to be obsessed with uniting oneself to the creator, and to totally surrender oneself to Him.

The collection is certainly a treat for those who love poems that are rhythmic and rhyming.

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