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Book Review: 'Curtain Call' compiled and edited by Rafaa Dalvi

Having read the editor’s note I plunged to read this anthology immediately. At this point in time, I also thought that it would be right from my part to suggest a bit to writers, publishers and editors. Although I do not rate this book five stars because it has its own limitations nevertheless I request the publishers, and editors to take its example with regard to its perseverance, hardwork, and patience.

This anthology stands different with regard to the genre that it portrays. And the variety of stories it harbours. Any piece of literature to be successful needs time. It needs lot of attention with regard to editing, proof reading etc. Although this anthology has a bit of typos and proof reading errors, I appreciate it for the quality of stories that it presents. Every story is a gem. Every story gives you a different outlook on life and situations around.

Well, I wanted to comment individually on all 20 stories but I fear of not doing justice to all of them because they are exceptionally good. You get a taste of Birbal, the kind of stories you would love to hear in childhood and you also get a taste of modernity. Nevertheless I would like to mention a few stories that I liked the most; Crimson Affair, Ablaze Within, My Fair Husband, F.L.A.M.E.S, Another Chance and Boys Will Be Boys.

This anthology is the second anthology I read from Half Baked Beans publishers and I feel that the publication is doing really good with regard to its quality in publishing anthologies. Many find it hard to read and appreciate anthologies because you get different emotions on one platter. But reading a novel on the other hand is sitting with one author who narrates from his or her perspectives whatsoever he or she wants.

So isn’t it more gracious to have number of authors sitting by your side and expressing their emotions and help you broaden your perspectives? It is difficult to switch from one emotion to another but it is not impossible; as a theatrical drama transports you from one scene to another, from one place to another, so does this book.

So go for it and have a literary pleasure to treasure.

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