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Book Review: 'Death in Every Stride' by Megha Agarwal

The story is an easy read and Megha’s language perks it all. Through her poetic words she expresses emotions that make you feel part of it. Or in a way empathize with the protagonist Krisanne or the strong character like that of Emily.

Megha in her book “Death in every stride” brings in vital themes of marriage, domestic violence, fear, psychological breakdown and parental share in the success of their sibling. She seems to instill in the reader a sense of religiosity through her words like; angel, contrition, heaven, hell, and moksha.

The author uses certain emotions which are sure to leave the reader engrossed and become one with the protagonist Krisanne more so the poetical phrases like ‘bathed with elation’ and ‘weaved dreams’. She uses literary techniques like antithesis for instance, ‘known stranger,’ the whole novel is written or probably the records of Krisanne in her diary from February 13th 1992 to December 7th 2018.

Her writing of the records of the protagonist in her diary suggests the treatment given to women from the past, present, and the future to come. The future as per the novel is going to be bright. But how?

Megha likes her protagonist Krisanne to be known to the world by and large not just for the atrocities she underwent but also for the brave step she takes to overcome her wounded self at the advice of her own daughter.

The author has networked the story in a way that gives no chance for the reader to leave it aside and procrastinate reading it, but make sure that you read, feel, and empathize with the character till the end.

Mrs. Krisanne Paul Dore is an epitome of domestic violence on women. Through this novel “Death in every stride” Megha Agarwal is instilling in every Indian girl the boldness to face the future until they one day face womanhood. Now how far will it be successful only time will tell. The end looks little vague but that is how it ends leaving you to decide the whereabouts of Paul Dore, the loving monster of Krisanne Dore.

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