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Book Review: 'Deceived' by Heena Rathore P.

I saw the cover of this book on Facebook and it got me glued to it at first glance. So it was love at first sight. When the cover has spoken for the book half the work is done. When the book was sent to me for review (ARC) it reached to my other address and I had to wait for longer. But as soon as it arrived I couldn’t but start reading it despite my busy schedule. ‘Deceived’ is supposed to be a debut novel by Heena Rathore P. but you won’t find any instance to notify that she has failed in her art as a writer. She has done it well.

Heena Rathore seems to be the next emerging mystery and psychological thriller writer. The author has used varied techniques while writing this novel. Perhaps I could enumerate one, the coining of the names of the characters although looks a bit similar but it is technically done so as to glue the reader and keep him or her going (Stephen / Steve, Danny / Donny).

The characters have their wonderful story to tell and Heena through her characters construes the story well. Although at times you find the characters not been dealt in detail but overall they are crafted to the expectations. The authors writing style is simple and down to earth. It is an easy to read book so don’t worry you have a master thriller.

The plot is simple although the author has used different point of views. Allison Stone is the protagonist who grieves the murder of her mother and younger brother. Despite the hurdles in her life she moves ahead but tragedies strike and what happens further is what one has to explore by reading this book. The twists and turns, the suspense, the mystery etc. makes it a novel to be read for sure.

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