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Book Review: 'Dharmayoddha Kalki' by Kevin Missal

All of us go through phases of sorrow and guilt despite the fact that we are also blessed with happy lives. It happens due to the unrighteous behaviour of some. In the times when we are going through these toils and tribulations created by corrupt minds we expect a hero to strike in our midst and rescue us. Or even cleanse the surrounding around us.

Just like Indian mythology has seen various saviours of this kind. Television and film industry too in recent times presented us with Ra. One and Shaktimaan etc. to literally tell us that in the midst of hate and terror there will be one emerging who is going to be savior and ultimate cleanser.

Kalki Hari the son of Vishnuyath and Sumati too understands his role as the one who cleanses the world he lives in. His journey is marked by various hurdles. But he paves his way to learn the tricks and trades of Lord Vishnu in order to equip himself. But what follows amidst betrayals, Political hungama and everything that is conspired to destroy him is makes the interesting part of the story. To know it one has to definitely read it.

Kevin Missal has no doubt with his experience in literature has crafted an impeccable story. The book is a humongous thriller that breaks stereotypes and excites freedom. The cover page is apt to the story, the language of the author is comprehensive, the characterization is reconcilable.

The only thing that disturbed me was the huge structure of the book. Although the story is gripping, the length and the structure of the book dispirited the reader in me. The book is not handy either. But that doesn’t overpower the storytelling of Kevin Missal. He is subtle, structural, mythological, and an emancipator.

I wouldn’t compare Kevin Missal to the like in this genre because Kevin Missal has his own style and he carves it perfectly in this novel.

Go fetch a copy for yourself and have this splendid lasting experience.

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