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Book Review: 'Different Beads...' by Sujay Malik

‘Different Beads of The Same String’ is a debut book by Sujay Malik. The book contains ten different stories based on social issues, personal conflicts, political intolerance and violence, and recent developments in the country. Reading this book seemed easier because of the fluent and standard language of the author. But I couldn’t proceed at times because of the simple yet drastic situations explained by Sujay. As a debut, I feel Sujay has to some extent done justice to writing Short Stories.

The cover page, the interior design of the book, the language used to narrate the stories and the editing is perfect making the book desirable in all aspects. But the stories though ranging from different facets of life, some of them missed the conflict that was necessary to keep the surprise and excitement going. Nevertheless, stories like ‘Pushed into a corner,’ ‘Converted Language,’ and ‘Feelijus’ were exciting and awakening. And they were some of my favourites. The author has an eye for the minute detail that is happening in the society. He records that and strings a story. Every narration from the first till the last story is a progressive move higher on the scale.

Sujay excites, creates a sense of social responsibility and rejuvenates the dispirited soul. His character Molly is a witness to this aspect. Though she is vulnerable in the beginning but the face she displays towards the end is stunning and courageous. Sujay also points the lethargy that is in the citizens of the country, despite the atrocities happening around, no one seems to be willing to brave situations and speak for justice.

Sometimes religions can be the cause of separation between two human beings wanting to unite. Sujay considers this as a mere attitudinal paralysis, which actually needs to be swept off. Sujay is also satirical and metaphorical in his stories hitting on concrete issues which have taken the country by storm in the recent times.

Sujay has no doubt explored this form in the best way he can and surely in the future can deliver more challenging content. He has the calibre and the will which is displayed in his stories to act as a catalyst of change in the society. If you want to be a catalyst of change, or if you want to be filled with the proactive spirit, this book is for you. There is no time to wait, go fetch your copy.

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