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Book Review: 'Dreams Implant' by Partho Bose

Life is a mystery no doubt and in the process lot, many things happen. Perhaps we see the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. We also experience situations wherein despite having everything one needs for one’s sustenance, the person gets anxious about things that do not actually need attention.

David Bowman, one of the characters of Partho Bose was such. He was so obsessed with his family that he would do anything for its betterment; well I do not say that one shouldn’t be but the anxiety level here shouldn’t be more than what is required. David Bowman was a successful advertiser and did considerably well in his professional life.

But all of a sudden he faces the death of his family members and he finds himself lost. But there is more to his depressed state. He goes through nightmares and finds a relationship between the nightmares and the accidents happening. And that’s how the story develops. The author has placed the setting of the story in New York. And it is a classy story of romance, suspense, nightmare, relationship etc.

The author has very boldly presented this scientific thriller. There is no doubt that the story hooks you till the end. Perhaps reading this novel gives you a new perspective over the taunts and turmoil of people’s lives. We think our burdens are most heavy but if we look around us there are many others who are going through much worse conditions.

David though a successful character goes through traumatic situations. The story line is beautifully developed by the author. The cover page is simply mind blowing as it speaks for the story in simply and subtle manner. Go read it, if you love thrillers.

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