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Book Review: 'Emotions and Voids' by Deepali Gupta

Psychologists have time and again tried to explore and understand emotions. We have enriched ourselves by their researches and the hypothesis created, but they still do not seem to be so satisfactory. This collection of poems by Deepali Gupta titled, “Emotions and Voids” explores this sensitive sector of our lives. Our life is filled with emotions, whether they are stark or insignificant. We also feel emptiness and the need to fill up that void with something substantial.

Deepali Gupta doesn’t mince facts, but in a lucid and economical structure explores poetry to express what she wants to say. She has scripted tiny poems which leave an indelible effect on our mind. She uses ancient Greek concept of sophrosyne to express what the love of her special one is for her. She elucidates the need of someone special besides us on this journey of life. And this journey is not a bed of roses; she says it’s a path of terrors and breaks that leave our life disheveled. She also makes a mention of the transience of time and the leap of faith one ought to take upon.

Deepali through her poems spreads a positive approach towards those around us; she says we ought to love, save, treasure and hug our brethren, whosoever and whatsoever may be the condition. As that is the least one can do. Poetry, Deepali says, happens to one only when one has truly and deeply felt something bitter in life.

In a world where we find no one bothering about the other, Deepali points out that we must start a relationship with the other only if one is ready to take up its responsibility. One of her expressions truly caught my attention and that is, “All were an audience at my self-destruction,” this is exactly what is happening around us. We see our neighbour trading the wrong path and we don’t make any effort to correct or instruct him or her. Rather turn aside and keep walking. Instances for this sort of behaviour are plenty.

We are now placed in a situation of dichotomies of innumerable kinds and Deepali expresses them in her poems. Overall the book is a blend of varied emotions. It is an easy read and enlightening journey as well.

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