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Book Review: 'Emotions Unplugged' by Vishal Anand

TITLE: Emotions Unplugged

AUTHOR: Vishal Anand


PUBLICATION: Moments Publication

Vishal Anand with his anthology of short stories titled “Emotions Unplugged” plays with myriad of emotions by revolving stories on varied themes like marriage and divorce, poverty and the reality of India, love and misunderstanding, revenge, Karma, etc.

The book is handy and good for reflective reading, one of a kind of reflaction, i.e. reflection leading to action. The stories display the exact reality at the outskirts and at the end of every story Vishal Anand advices or gives a moral clue to living in other words, for reflection and action.

Through this book Vishal Anand becomes a torch-bearer to the youth and adults. His stories are simple to read and free of jargon.

The 15 short stories are based on different genres and speak of characters ranging from you and me therefore it is advisable to take this book and guide our moral lives.

Bottomline: Easy and a must read for youth and adults.

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