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Book Review: 'Entwined Desires' by Divyam Kaushik and Lalima Yadav

I remember watching movies which spoke of oldies reading erotic stuff. And that is what kept them entertained. Many discussed such books and some went on to become bestsellers in this style of writing. Entwined Desires by Divyam Kaushik and Lalima Yadav is one such book. It is a blend of eroticism and emotions. The cover speaks for the genre and its quite attractive.

The language of the authors is simple and explanatory in its character, that every description gives you an imagery of what exactly is happening between the characters. This is the first book in the ‘Entwined Series’. The story is to some extent interesting. The lives of both Dhruv and Anukriti were strange in the past and they are on a journey to find themselves. The themes that have been explored in this novel are relationships, married life, dark and hidden secrets, sexual pleasure, sensual feelings, and psychological depression.

The story is at it best when it comes to the intricacies of its genre but I felt there has been too much of an obsession to portray sex as the predominant desire that lurks in the minds of this married couple. The desire for the body from the part of the characters is over emphasized which I think could have been not necessary. But the technique of flashback is employed artistically by the authors.

The best thing about this novel is you cannot guess which part of the novel was written by one of the authors and the other part by the other author both of their writing styles have blended well and that stands to be a greatest achievement when it comes to be a co-authored written work.

This book is for the adults strictly for the explicit content it beholds. Read it, to know what life is when one just sticks to sensual pleasures and not the realistic life that calls for responsibility and maturity of thinking.

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