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Book Review: 'Feminine Blues' by Dr. Sigma

Unbeatable Combi Verdict: Poetic expressions subtle, absurd, simple, distinct and direct, piercing right into the heart.

When it comes to women they are treated as an object of pleasure. Given the fact that today women are scaling heights and have shown themselves successful in many fields, still the age old problems of rape, sexual harassment, sex trade and so on continue to exist on a larger scale than before. Dr. Sigma in her poetry collection ‘Feminine Blues’ tries to speak of these issues in a very subtle and absurd manner. Her poetry is simple and distinct in character.

The cover of the book explains the dark life of a woman. The poems are filled with classic imagery and her style is quite absurd in trait. I loved reading poems like; Life is so, Life in a web, Survive, Imperfect creation, Our life. She has dealt with varied themes in these 50 poems. Themes like a woman being a curse, death, silence, contradiction of life, man’s individualism, religion, roles a feminine gender undertakes during her lifetime and relationships.

Most specifically the poet drives home the point that women despite of her uniqueness has to undergo such painful and tragic situations. However hard one tries to live her life the best way possible, the society or her feminine character poses a threat to what she wants to be. At occasions she also eulogizes women. She has also included in her poems elements of religion sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly. More so to say that the nature is a signature of God and it speaks of God.

Many of her expressions leave us startled at times, like; ‘life is just a role play,’ ‘like a closed sent bottle,’ and ‘wets my kerchief’. To discover more one has got to fetch this book right away and enjoy the wisdom it provides for free. I would like to do a literary appreciation of one of her poems:


Today I searched online chat.

Opened messenger

Wrote in a blog.

Suddenly I saw an ad..

Cute ladies are ready for dating.

Wanna pictures…

Video shows available…

Thousands of promises,

With brilliant shaped bodies.

I clicked one picture

A radiant face came…

All private becomes public.

No worry, no hurry.

If you like contact

This is the only one contract.

A telephone number beneath

Talked with her,

Asked me, thousand dollars for a day.

Why selling your body?

Mom is sick and in bed

A major surgery.

She cried.

I closed my eyes.

With a heavy heart I sat,

This is destiny.

© Dr. Sigma, 2016

(Feminine Blues)

The poem is simple to understand but expressing very many situations that lead one to take on a to a path destructive. Every word is indicative and loaded with meaning. How would one resolve such a drastic situation when one’s parent is sick and needs help? Unless someone, a Samaritan comes to one’s rescue one may take on to such unacceptable solutions, but are they left with any choice? These and such like contradictory situations are expressed by Dr. Sigma in a her collection of poems, ‘Feminine Blues.’


Price: Rs. 300/-

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