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Book Review: Freedom by JNK

JNK is the pen name of the author born and brought up in Chandigarh. Writing stories has always interested her and the drive to do so was given to her by her daughter and her father. Apart from writing, her soul feels free while travelling and cooking. JNK makes a debut with the book, 'Freedom.'

The book contains 2 stories, the first is titled, 'Human Trafficking' and the second is titled, 'Encounter with soul.' Human trafficking is a story about girls and women exploited by sex slavery, organ removal, forced surrogacy, ovarian cortical transplantation, and drugs smuggling. The encounter with the soul is a story about Rasbeen who is pressurized to score high in her exams. Social evils no doubt existed in earlier years but as of now, there is a hike in the number. What we notice today is, the victim is not silent. The victim is up in arms so there is no escape. we have become alert about untoward situations. Awareness, protest, and punishment are words that recur in newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

The author has tried to do the same through this book. Through the two stories, the author has tried to make the reader aware of the various atrocities women and girls have to undergo. From the point of view of Honey, the protagonist, the story is narrated. The protagonist in order to investigate and collect clues against the atrocious racket becomes vulnerable herself. The author makes Honey the saviour of the unfortunate girls. It is only for the case of Honey that some emotions are explored by the author and it is done well. In the process, the protagonist Honey invites rape on herself, that occasion finds itself unrealistic. The second story is presented realistically, that one can notice the negative impact pressurizing a student to score higher in exams does. The presence of a soul along with the characters seemed superficial. There is a protest but from these two characters Honey and Rasbeen. At the end of the stories, there is a punishment meted out but to know of it, you will have to read the book.

The author could have presented the first story from the point of the victims to make it relatable but the storyline itself is a retake or retelling of what we have seen in 'Mardaani.' The characters needed to be explored they felt a bit imprisoned. The dialogues and narration are repetitive at instances. If the book was edited carefully, it would brush off the grammatical glitches. The cover is attractive that at first instance you would like to pick up the book. The interior of the book is simple and perfect as any other book of the notion press publishers. The book is a one time read. Read it if you haven't watched Mardaani (Part 1) yet.

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