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Book Review: 'Going Google way:...Can Make your Day!! by Anupam Sharma

VERDICT: He is a mastermind who strings umpteen events in life so ingenuously. His genius is nonetheless seen also in the manner in which he has intertwined technology with life and made it have a strong bearing.

REVIEW: The idea to include social networking sites to search a real life partner by Anupam is something unique and we see after him a lot many young authors utilizing this idea. The cover page of the book is a portrayal of what will later happen in the book. I loved the cover so to us, more so because of the usage of the big brand ‘Google.’

Though a love story, it is creatively new. The author has stupendously incorporated novel ideas into it. This certainly becomes a reason for one to fetch the book. The apt timing of introduction of characters and the sequel of events is to be admired in the book.

Anyone who takes to reading this book can finish reading it on one sitting just like me. So think about it and don’t waste time, go the Google way. It will certainly make your day.

Blurb Sitting helpless in the dark lockup of Delhi Police Station, Mayank prays to the almighty to come for his rescue. At heart, he knows that he was hoping against hope, as the almighty had been always too busy to answer his calls. As he scans back his life till date, he realizes that all the while, it had been just one power which had always stood by him. The virtual almighty and alrighty ‘Google’. It had been always there, just a click away. But will ‘Google’ be able to save him this time?

BOOK TITLE: Going Google Way: ..can make your day!!

AUTHOR: Anupam Sharma

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