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Book Review: 'Gradients' by Swatii Chandak

An exclusively distinct mixture of emotions that blend to narrate an intriguing story. The buds of which form, erupt, and explore to maturity. ‘Gradients’ is a poetry collection by Swatii Chandak. Gradients is divided into four parts: inhale, exhale, all in between and poetic saga. There is newness in the presentation, unique style, aplenty of jargon wrecking the brain. But the poetic journey is belonging to absurdities of its kind. Where the flow is incredible, there is amalgamation of ideas and inexplicable.

Each poem leads to the other. Swatii tries to instill moral values through her literary expressions like, accepting the differences we behold in each other, companionship, the need for the presence of the other in one’s growth, working towards a better tomorrow with determination, ceasing to be possessive or to be detached from certain things, not to hesitate to make mistakes but learn from them, to stand and be different.

Her expression ‘love necessity, not a Poster but identity’ struck my attention. Indistinctly love is a requirement by everyone, it is not something that has to be canvassed and placed on walls. Love gives an identity of its own.

The perk of this collection is towards the end. The last section is known as ‘Poetic Saga’ and true to its name, it is a staunch revealing story. I refrain to utter more than this to avoid spilling beans and soiling the most attractive surprise Swatii has in store for the reader.

Gradients I believe is a must read for poets atleast for those ruminating on making a remarkable debut. Its creative presentation and distinct style will make you open to new ventures into poetry.

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