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Book Review: 'Hindola' by Ranganath Srinivasa

If you ask me to never listen to music or to give up charity. That would be a serious punishment to the personality that I have developed into being an Indian. Basically every Indian I believe is marked by music and entertainment. Love is the fundamental principle that guides our every task. If it was not for love India with so diverse cultures, religions would have fallen apart long long ago. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why majority literature developing till date is on love.

Hindola is an example to both Music and love being interspersed in it. Hindola is basically the name of a musical instrument. The story is written in simple language. And it is a story of a wonderful voice of Revathi. Just like every encounter with someone unknown takes us to dark places. This encounter of Revathi with the musicians takes her to different areas. Perhaps there is revelation of love or revelation of music to its best.

The author has scripted the story in simple terms making it down to earth for every reader. Perhaps the editing of the book could have been better so as to avoid the hiccups that one encounters. The story is quite musical lacking thus in conflicts that could build the suspense or attraction part of the novel. The cover page is quite telling of the story.

Overall, it is a good work of fiction to be read in search of love and music.

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