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Book Review: 'How I Survive Vizmom' by Vidhu Bhatnagar

‘How I Survive Vizmom’ by Vidhu Bhatnagar is yet another book in the line of managing stress. But this book is specifically written to benefit the working women. Vidhu Bhatnagar seems to be more specific to a mother, wife and a working woman in this book. In its entirety, the book is a simple read. The author makes an attempt to drive life lessons from her own life examples. At times it may look subjective but I found it the most effective way to attract the reader.

Every woman would like to hear that she is worth the work that she does in everyday life. No doubt that every woman is good at multitasking but there are situations when one feels stressed and it is natural for everyone, whether it be a man or a woman. The psycho-somatic disorders that most of us suffer from are due to the stress that we go through in our everyday life. Vidhu Bhatnagar in her own natural style tries to heal the stress-filled areas of a woman. Her success depends on the systematic following of these chapters. The chapters ought to be read slowly and practiced as per the situation permits. The book shouldn’t be read in a hurry.

If you have read the other book titled, ‘Surviving Stress’ than you will notice that the first few chapters from that book are also found in this book, which though spoken of with regard to women, puts a reader off. Also when you are seriously reflecting on every chapter when you notice a repetition it may look jarring. In comparison to that book, this book fails to give a systematic presentation of ideas. The font is smaller, again hampering the reader’s attention. The cover of the book is an eye catcher.

Apart from this, the author uses lot of one liner’s which are useful and beneficial for the reader, especially when the reader is a woman. The author addresses the following themes; the power of positive mindset, gratefulness, creativity, forgive and forget attitude, humility and simplicity, meditation and other essentials for a stress free and peaceful life. Overall it is the simplest self-help book I have come across.

Read it, not just if you feel stressed, but if you want to safeguard yourself from stressful life.

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