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Book Review: 'I Will Never Find Another You' by Kumar Kaustubh

It is all about love, love between two teenagers, Karan and Vandana. The book is structurally very literary employing the romantic genre. Kumar Kaustubh begins every chapter with a poem to put the reader’s thoughts together and line them according to what he has in mind. Kumar Kaustubh has an alluring style of writing that makes you not to leave the book aside by compulsion. Despite the story being not so outstanding its themes are prevalent and relevant to our times.

Kumar Kaustubh brings the theme of infatuation, teenage love, romance, serious responsibility of marriage, conflict between the dream of parents and the dream of children, belief in God, holiness, atheism, ritualism, and poverty.

Kumar has employed soliloquy, inter contextualization with bollywood movies, and alternate portrayal of the past and the present.

Teenage is the time for experimentation and that is when one seeks for security and love. Kumar presents to us an atheistic Karan who falls in love though reminding himself that sex before marriage is unethical. Karan reflects an immature teen who falls in love and retorts at everything that doesn’t fall in place as per one’s desires.

The entry of a village girl Vandana brings a herculean change in Karan’s life, such a turning point that Kumar learns to be responsible, determined and dedicated to one’s career. Ultimately winning the heart of his parents more so his strict father.

Now what did Vandana do? Did she play some magic on Karan? or Was he attributing his attitudinal change on Vandana? to know more you need to fetch this book and have a read.

The fact that Kumar has been poetic in writing this novel, he has used the techniques like repetition, attribution to leave a lasting impact on the reader.

Despite some onomatopoeic sounds disturbing you often in the novel you tend to avoid them because ultimately they express the reality. The author has left no chance for the reader to feel an outsider as he or she reads the novel, as he has used language common to every teen.

Kumar Kaustubh addresses every teen in the novel saying, “Believe in yourself believe in your dreams, work hard, stay calm and spread love.” This novel thus can be read by every teen to understand the tactics that work in a teens mind. Moreover making oneself learn that life is not far from reality and shun surreal fictional thinking and engross in pragmatics.

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