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Book Review: 'In Love and Free' by Jagdish Joghee

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

If it wasn’t for that Diwali day, everything would have been fine in Shruthi and Madhan’s life. But we know life isn’t interesting if it doesn’t hit the hardest of times. ‘In Love and Free’ by Jagdish Joghee is such a story presenting to us uncertainties of life. In love and free is a gripping story about Shruthi, you can call her a whore, or a woman craving for attention, But for her children she was a mother and for Madhan a loving and caring wife. If life was a smooth sail, why would we need preventive measures? So also life of Shruthi is marked by ups and downs, now how they crop us despite her luxurious glittery life? To answer it you ought to take on this book and read it. The cover is apt to the story of a women caught between two men.

The major themes that this book deals with is love, sex, marriage, infidelity, greed for money, adultery, God’s divine presence, politics, romance, etc. The novel is basically a deceptive dance of the conscience.

I like the flow of the story, one event leading to the other. The style of the author to keep the reader engrossed and glued to the plot, so as to know what’s going to happen next is classic. The language is simple and comprehensive. The author could do better if he had avoided some unnecessary repetitions while narrating the story.

The storyline is to the point and settings are placed well. Notifying point in this novel is Jagdish putting forth strong characters like that of Shruthi. Unlike yesteryears where women would shy away from defending themselves for the wrong they have done and more so when women would refrain despite temptations to enter into relationship outside marriage. Jagdish presents a bold women character given the fact of the changing society and its roles.

It is a beautiful read through and if you love to know how your conscience can deceive you at times, this is a book for you. If you want to know, how Shruthi survived between two men, this is a book for you. If you want to know how politics at times works, this is certainly a book for you.

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