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Book Review: 'It Just Happened' by Uma Maheshwari

It just happened by Uma Maheshwari is a story about love, betrayal, sacrifice, work, and the paradox of life. Rishi and Anil are the protagonists of the novel. The cover page is simple and gives us a picture about what the story would be about. The storyline is interesting so much so you feel like reading on and on. The author has developed the characters well. She has also used a few techniques which make this novel unique from the ones that are trending presently.

Uma Maheshwari is a great storyteller for that matter, as she tries to reveal great many stories within this novel. Her style is very simple and down to earth. The dialogues are weaved within the social structure she is in and that makes this novel lively and the story realistic. The language is easy to grasp and when one reads it gives an impression that the author has truly worked to give the reader the feel of each character as per their character traits. The author has done stupendously great in exposing the most important fact of life, which brings the twist in the story.

The author would have done better if the book was edited, so as to get rid of grammatical inconsistencies and typographical errors that sometimes disturb the reader. The story is but quite chocolaty till the end. The conversations are reader friendly and more specifically to a Tamil speaking audience and to some extent to Telugu speaking audience. The inclusion of such languages makes this novel something different and to be admired for.

The author’s knowledge about the profession she has mentioned in the novel is splendid and commendable. So there is research done not just in the area of work ethics, but also in the social surroundings and linguistics.

A commendable job done by the author and it is definitely a must read for those who find themselves at crossroads in relationship not to find answers but to know that ‘it just happens’.

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