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Book Review: 'It's All About Mahi' by Ankit Pathak

Have you heard about MS Dhoni The Untold Story? It is the upcoming movie produced by Arun Pandey. Much before its release the social networking sites are buzzing about Ankit Pathak. Ankit Pathak is a prolific writer and has written a number of scripts for theatre and street-plays. Apart from being a writer, he is also a stand-up comedian and theatre artist.

Nonetheless, he being a staunch fan of MS Dhoni has written a book titled ‘It's All About Mahi’. It is a pocket book and the fourth among the pocket books published by Authors’ Ink India Publications. The book is pretty handy and the quality definitely is great. The cover design as usual is to the point by Ajitabha Bose.

The language is affluent and the author has taken troubles to narrate the story very smoothly. The characters though limited are described well especially that of the protagonist. Although the storyline is not out of the box, it is truly a succinct MSD biography. The author proves himself to be a stubborn fan of MS Dhoni as he includes very intricate parts of Dhoni’s life into the book, more specifically those moments of tension and turmoil that the player went through during the matches he has played.

The author’s description of the matches recreates the scintillating moments played by Dhoni. The author places before us a fact that Cricket has been a religion in India and still exists to be. He brings to light an issue wherein the protagonist becomes so possessive of the thought of Dhoni that if anyone says anything against Dhoni it irritates him. Sometimes our fans rule us and we do not climb the ladder of our success, but brood on the other’s achievement. The other’s achievement must actually boost us and make us climb the zenith of success.

Overall the book is a great read and definitely a must read for the fans of Dhoni.

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