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Book Review: 'Kansa' by Prassant Kevin

What got me reading this book is the fact that this book introduces a character titled, ‘Professor Black.’ I was curious to know who he is and what is so significant that makes the story go viral because of this character. Perhaps I got my answer as I read this novel in one sitting. The novel is about 400 pages long and my one sitting tells you that the story is damn intriguing. No doubt it is a killer thriller. The title is something different from usual and the story-line though looks flimsy introduces different and unique characters and situations.

Prassant Kevin has done a marvelous job in presenting each of his characters. What hampers the suspense of the novel is the language which harbors avoidable grammatical in-frequencies. Some of the already mentioned facts are been repeated perhaps to emphasize and give importance so that the readers treasure them throughout. But they are more than necessary which could be avoided. The story as I said nails the reader till the last breath.

The cover of the book could have been better keeping in mind the killer aspect. So that it entices the readers at one glance. The novel wakes up themes like, murder, psychological trauma, fear, Love, uncertainties, riddle of life, abduction, etc. the whole novel is packed with soulful issues that it literally draws you to read, analyse, and be alert about the society you live in.

I do not want to compare the author with any of the bestselling authors in the same genre because they are the best in their style of writing and Prassant Kevin joins the league with his own style. This journey can transcend to great heights for the author probably in the sequels to come. Alongside of knowing Professor Black we try to associate and empathize with him for no reason. So Prassant Kevin we are waiting for the next in the series.

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