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Book Review: '#Karma' by Mehul Kaku

The title of the book held me captive and I just wanted to read this book. Mehul Kaku the author of the book has narrated the story of Monty and Parth. As their story unfolds, their dreams, lovely relationships and the corporate world comes to the forefront. The story no doubt captures you, the characters make the story and the plot real and the way the author has expressed every bit of it makes you believe that it is all happening next door.

The author has beautifully written the book although a little bit of focus on the historical or behavioural background of the characters could have improved the reader’s thought process. The author explores the following themes in the book: Friendship, love life, desire, dreams and career. When both, Monty and Parth have a successful life being lived, Monty faces a low time in life and that’s where the twist happens.

One can read the book to have a glimpse of how karma plays its toll. The language is simple and down to earth. The cover is a bit quizzing and not so attractive, it could have been better. The interior designing is as per the readers taste. The author overall manages to hold the reader stuck to the plot line.

And who doesn’t want to achieve their dreams? Who doesn’t want to be successful? Who doesn’t want to compete? Monty and Parth are no different from us they too want to focus themselves on their goals and be successful. For them it is to rise from rags to riches. Necessity is the mother of inventions we say. Depravity too leads us to great heights. What happens on the way is how karma takes over or that what you and I would like to look at it.

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