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Book Review: 'Kashmir 90' by Vineet Mishra

Not all books trade you through all time romantic paths. There are some that concretize the romance with explicit portrayal of history making it lively and real. Vineet’s Characters seem real because of the wonderfully conceptualized narration. And these characters seem to have sworn to never give up. Despite the atrocious history that they ought to face they are never look back.

Vineet Mishra has put himself too in the story which makes it more interesting for the reader, as he or she is bound to feel with the author. Kashmir is the setting of the whole novel. The story line as such is marvelous but the spoiler is the exaggeration by the author. If certain elaborations were avoided it would keep one glued to the story.

The language is simple and down to earth. The cover of the book is apt. The themes that the author has dealt in the novel are Friendship, love, Mumbai riots, relationships, disappointments, faith aspect, and some of the politics of the time. Vineet has interspersed these themes in the life of the characters in such a manner that you can feel the vibes of it. Vineet has no doubt turned to be a different genre author but there is still lot of room to learn, most importantly when it comes to inclusion of varied ideas. Not that one places all of one’s ideas to make a story comprehensive but these ideas must blend and be necessary for the story.

Vineet’s narrative style and the technique of dialogue won the battle. As, it is this scintillating factor that keeps the reader glued to the story till the end. Overall the story is a mixture of love and history. Love that happened and due to certain events encountered hurdles, but later mysterious things happen which the reader ought to read to know the facts. So if you are a lover of historical romance, you have it here. Have a ride through Kashmir too.

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