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Book Review: 'Khwahish' by Sumeet Gogia

Unbeatable Combi Verdict: The Poems in this collection are overflowing with life and vigour. Sumeet Gogia optimistically features life, existence, God, and relationships.

Khwahish means ‘A Wish’ and literally all the 23 poems have a wish embedded in it though not explicit. The cover of the book speaks for the title, so it is perfectly done. The poems are edited well, making the reader read with life and be filled with that life that it resonates. Every poem has a painting which is aptly done and the poet himself have done the paintings which is an icing on the cake. Sumeet Gogia has definitely worded the poems well using expressions that strike a chord injecting into a lifeless body, a soul that is enthusiastic.

In her poems she deals with themes like, colourful life, relationship, life, love, family, eternal dwelling, bracing challenges despite odds, betrayal, God’s presence, and sacrifice of a soldier etc. The poems that ran my mind to serious reflection and that rejuvenated my body to life are; ‘Dada i will miss you,’ ‘Yes, he is here,’ ‘Chotti si asha,’ ‘Dad, You are my angel,’ and ‘Maze of colours.’

When one understands the inner capacity that one has to do marvels in his or her life. Life turns different for him or her. One can view the world with a different perspective. Just in the similar fashion Sumeet Gogia is seen having that belief in herself and wants to drive that same point to the reader to have faith in oneself and march forward amidst challenging situations. She is nostalgic about certain people in her life who made a lasting impression on her, either when she was young or when she was growing into a mature personality. She remembers them and is grateful for their presence in her life. The poet respects relationships and more specifically the gift of a family, which is a helping hand at all times. Sometimes, we forget to even remember individuals who take care of us or who sacrifice their lives at the borders to keep us secure. The poet has remembered them as well in her poetry and praised them immensely no doubt.

The poet’s devout nature is seen by her expression of God, who she truly believes is dwelling within us. She questions why sometimes one fails to search God within because there He dwells. The poems can be grasped and understood as they are palpable sufficiently.

I would like to do a literary appreciation on one of her poems titled, ‘God’


I searched God everywhere

In the mountains and hills,

In the factories and mills,

In the bushes and trees,

In the oceans and seas.

Then I found God

Was in the mountains of love,

In the nests of dove,

In the waves of seas,

In the leaves of the trees,

In the setting sun,

In the laughter and fun

He is there in the sky

and the sea.

He is there in you

and me.

He creates, sustains with

His skills.

With love and pleasure your

Heart He fills.

Look for God within and


He is you and you are He.

© Sumeet Gogia, 2013


Sometimes we seek God in very many places without that deep sense of faith. But when we are seeking God with utmost love and desire we will find Him in places we never expected Him to be. The poet affirms that it is God who created us and still creating us. He is the one who is sustaining us, feeling our hearts with love and pleasure. The poet guides everyone of us where to look God for. He will be found neither in the mountains and hills, factories and mills, bushes and trees, oceans and seas but deep down within. Not that God is not present in these creations of the world but because He truly dwells in the deepest of our beings.

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