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Book Review: 'Knock Knock, I am your anaesthesiologist' by Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar

“Knock Knock, I am your Anaesthesiologist” by Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar is an eye-opener for certain. Until I read this book I knew that anaesthesia is just a drug that is given to a patient when she or he is going to undergo a surgery. But after having read this book I came to know that it is a science in itself. The author is hell bent to explain what the anaesthesiologists or the pain fighters usually do. The book is a systematic narration of a doctor’s progress. How one turns into an anaesthesiologist.

The cover of the book is attractive and the title of the book is quite telling, I loved it, as both do not require an explanation. The book is systematically written into 30 different chapters all of them are short in nature so one can read through quite easily. The language is not so difficult to understand but the jargon used which can’t be avoided in science is a put off. The author wants to make the reader understand that anaesthesiology is a big science.

And yes it is, right from the time a patient is brought to the hospital and to the time she or he is taken to the operation theatre and brought back out, after successful completion of the operation an anaesthesiologist ought to be there up in arms. The author beautifully explains every aspect of it in detail. Although one can fall short of its practicality but it does come to the rescue of the readers so as to understand this divine task. The author writes the history of the development of different anaesthesia techniques and drugs. The agents could range from regional, inhalational and intravenous. The author makes it believable by the style that she uses to explain the events that happened. It at times looks as though a record from the intimate diary of the author.

The author doesn’t consider herself a god but understands that she is fragile and yet to learn a lot more things about this godly profession. So the author trades you through screening, optimisation and its importance, resuscitation, ICU, etc. The author also explains about the quality of life and that death is an inevitable part of our lives. This book sheds light on the myths related to the science of anaesthesia and anaesthesiologists. Wannabe doctors and nurses must surely get in touch with this book and read it. It will surely enhance and build positive attitudes towards this often misunderstood profession.

Hey you, read it, because one’s in a lifetime you are sure to meet an anaesthesiologist, who can definitely turn into a best friend to you when you are bedridden.

Kudos to Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar for this lovely book!

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