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Book Review: Love and Pain by Syeda F R

When songs from ‘Aashiqui’ movie are played in the background and you are reading these poems by Syeda. You are in the best of situations to understand the depth and feelings expressed in these poems. Love and pain is a collection of poems; speaking of the height, depth, breadth, and width of life interspersed with love and all related to it. Our life is a journey of love and it is beset with its own adventures making living interesting although at times we are exhausted due to the upheavals we encounter.

The poet in this collection captures every aspect of this adventure. From the moment one meets love until the time when one encounters betrayal, suffering and pain etc. it is all captured intensely by Syeda. The poet in one poem says,

“Fingers entwined with the strings, Quivering, yet a melody created, Tunes that my blood sings, With my voice, it echoes unabated.”

This expression gave me a feeling that the poet has profusely felt and jotted these words. These words are loaded with intense meaning, so much so, that for the poet when the tune is being played, blood starts singing. Personification exemplified. Further the poet in another poem presents the colourful picture of rain but this time in a different perspective.

“Sitting on the rocks, I watch the rain drops. Quenching the thirst, Of the parched land, But unable to soothe my pain, Or put off the raging fire Of aches, ever since you left.”

All of us are familiar with this picture but Syeda has made it so relatable to pain, just like the rain quenches the thirst of the land it has not been able to eradicate the pain of the departure of the love one. The poet’s expression of rain drops quenching the thirst of the parched land is highly commendable a thought. Syeda has captured emotions that erupt due to the experience of love. No one would doubt that love is also pickled with betrayals. I say this because when we fall apart we realize that we had someone who loved us more. A betrayal when understood and when love returns it becomes the strongest of all relationships. Notice it. When best friends fight they will not speak for years and when they start to correct and understand their faults, they turn out to be best of friends. Syeda testifies to this in her collection of poems.

The poems are crafted so well that they stand out to preach love and more so to say that along with love there is pain which we ought to handle. Amidst these poems I loved the following three and they stand to be very dear to my heart; ‘Let’s walk in the rain,’ ‘moves of my heart,’ and ‘if love is.’

The cover and the presentation of the poems in the interior is simple and the poet needs a push to do better. So I would suggest that this Valentine’s day you fetch this book and read it, getting its nuances. It is a collection meant for everyone who wants to love and experience its jitters.

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