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Book Review: 'Love... will find its way?' by Ashish Ranjan

The novel is a a page turner no doubt, as it is written with easy and understanding language. Any normal youth or college going student can fetch this book and start reading. The book is intentionally looks like written in a simple language. The Cover of the book is aptly done suiting the theme and the story line. Above all the most interesting part of the book is the character sketches, which according to me are perfectly crafted by the author and one can visualize these characters acting their part as the story unfolds.

The very title of the book is grammatically incorrect, but at times this is a technique used by the author to gain the attention of the readers. The plot of the story doesn’t contain any creativity, so it is easily predictable. The delivery overall of the dialogue is okay and can be manageable given the fact that the novel is debut of the author. The entry of some characters was looking a bit uneasy and missed its logic so to say, the author could have focused more on the introduction of the characters which are really crafted well. They miss their importance because of the ambiguous entry.

Overall it is a good read for a normal romantic reader.

Are you one of them?

So go grab a copy instantly.


Luv is an innocent child from a lower middle-class Indian family. As he grows older, his feelings shuttle between love and lust. Unaware about the problems, that their son is passing through, his parents continue exerting pressure on him to excel in academics. In cognizant of the cons of love, he falls in love with a girl in his initial school days inviting problems. His mind and heart are in constant battle. The heroine does not understand his feelings and falls in love with someone else. Coherent pressure of studies continues from his parents. He introspects if he should succumb or commit suicide. Will that girl realize his love before it is too late? Will he value relationships or career more? Will his parents guide him as a friend? Will the love of Luv, find its way? The story makes you think about your past and its own craziness. It’s a story not just for youths, but also for Indian parents.


Ashish Ranjan belongs to the capital of Bihar, Patna. He did his schooling from DAV, Khagaul and Ishan International Public School. He is an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He did his engineering from Cochin, Kerala and the college name is pronounced as “School of Engineering (CUSAT)”. Presently, he is working in a renowned oil company in India. “Love…Will find its way?”, is his debut novel.

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