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Book Review: 'Masters of Lyngrenn' by Arjun Pawar

Book Name: Masters of Lygrenn

Author Name: Arjun Pawar

Publisher: Frog Books

Price: Rs. 150

Verdict: Masters of Lygrenn is a gripping mythological ride and after Amish Tripathi you must give Arjun Pawar to make his presence on the scene. The book is a joyful ride amidst fairies and demons.

Review: The cover of the book is apt and well describes the content of the book. The author has been successful in presenting most of his characters at depth, more specifically; the character of Arjuna, the witch of Oshah (I loved this magical character), King Marshell and Hamish etc. The description of the ‘Fire God’ is stupendous, making it alive. The innumerable logical twist hook the reader till the last.

Drawback: The book was too small, i needed it to be more bigger so that i could experience war and history, not that i enjoy history but after reading this novel i felt that i have fallen for it. Thanks to the author, Arjun Pawar.

Blurb In an era dominated by the saints rises a kingdom where sins are committed regularly. A kingdom ruled by a noble king but misled by his cruel Masters. Hamish, the cruellest Master with a dream of conquering the world, faces a challenge from an ordinary boy, who in search of his answers finds the reason for his existence. Fire God, the most powerful and loyal Master of the King, is stuck in a dilemma of whether to support the good or the bad.

A story of brutal vengeance where there is no space for the good. Will the good rise to power?

About The Author

Arjun Pawar has done Civil Engineering from Pune University and is pursuing PGDBA course in Marketing from Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. He works as a Technical Engineer in a reputed construction company in Pune. He likes reading novels, listening to music, travelling, sketching and trekking. He also has an interest in writing on social, political and environmental issues relating to India and a keen interest in mythology.

Masters of Lygrenn is his debut novel. He can be contacted at (

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