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Book Review: 'Move on Bunny' by Vivek Atray

Vivek Atray a civil servant tries his rioted hands for the first time on writing a  humorous book named, “Move on Bunny”. The book presents a number of themes that become/are relevant today. The themes like career shift, a culture: of boys having a girlfriend and changing them often, escapism. Etc.

The author’s language has been colloquial, but has not missed to drive home the point that one strives and determines to succeed in this big bombastic wicked world.

He has also used literary devices like Hyperbole and pun making the conversations and narrations light and comical.

Vivek Atray has been very simple in his presentation of the ideas but the start and the end of all the 6 chapters is monotonous because every chapter starts with Bunny Kapoor experimenting a new job and ends with Bunny Kapoor’s success and escapism.

Through the character of Bunny Kapoor the author has hinted on guiding individuals to being patient in chaotic situations and to possess a mind of exploration of varied aspects in different cities.

The character of Bunny Kapoor could match up with any individual in recent times because in present arena a boy wants to be handsome, brainy, all-rounder etc. but Vivek Atray’s Bunny Kapoor outsmarts all because he is qualified with all the above and the following, a good listener, sometimes a guardian angel, changer of dream girls, the champion of middle-aged women, a man who shows splendid equanimity and has mysterious spark in his eyes.

I am now sure that you would be interested to know more of Bunny Kapoor and his story by Vivek Atray “move on Bunny” and he moves on and makes you move.

Bottomline: Don’t waste your precious quality time be proactive, order a copy for yourself and start reading.

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