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Book Review: 'My Dad’s Contract Marriage' by Saurabh Leekha

My Dad’s Contract Marriage is an eye-opener in many ways. Especially when it concerns marriage, relationships, contracts, child-rearing, parenthood, love, etc. These are the themes that the author discusses in this novel. The cover is out of place. The story line is a bit predictable as you precede reading. But the language and the technique used by the author to deliver the message to the readers is crystal and lucid.

The whole novel is a recipe for bonding. It is a story about Vivaan and his separated parents. Vivaan is actually caught up in between his parents after all he was the fruit of their conjugal love. I think many married couples forget this fact. Marriage brings along with it responsibilities that last a lifetime. It is a relationship wherein the man gives himself totally to the woman and vice versa. When this doesn’t happen both of them fall apart. And such complications like those mentioned in this novel happen. It is a beautifully crafted novel.

Technique employed keeps you reading throughout. To bring the novel to exposition the point of view taken by the author is alluring. And Vivaan does it explicitly well to relive the past moments of the father. The characters are weaved well by the author. The author has definitely done a lot of research into the phenomenon that he has tried to portray.

Giving it a try doesn’t make it an effort gone waste completely, it does help a lot of people to understand life differently. At times, I feel that freedom has to be conceived in a proper manner so as to deal with situations of this kind. When one is clear with what freedom is, I think we will be able to manage such situations. Vivaan works his best to rectify the relationship will he be able to? Is a question that you will have to answer by reading the book. So go on and read the book ‘My Dad’s Contract Marriage by Saurabh Leekha’

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