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Book Review: 'Poetic Penetrations' by Sanjay Chitranshi

The author is true to the title of the book ‘Poetic Penetrations’. The entire book is pure poetry and the author has done his job absolutely well in explaining different emotions and situations in his unique style. You can get no chance to avoid reading the book or to put it aside. It is a treat to your senses and a treat to the poet that resides in you. Sanjay Chitranshi has invariably been able to explain his story beginning by showing the standard of living of the protagonist who is actually fed up of such luxurious lifestyle. The author then transports you to an unusual place where the protagonist decides to make his career. I am sure to make your career you would decide upon going to London, Mumbai or New York and not in the outskirts of Kolkata.

There are occasions when Sanjay introduces satire and humor, which makes the seriousness of the theme go light. But in doing this he doesn’t miss his track. He deals with life’s ordeals and dilemma by portraying it well in the protagonist, who is a product of luxurious living, who doesn’t know the importance of time, but only knows to write poetry. Even that is not done well by him.

There is a section where I felt that Sanjay has missed on narration, the section looks like an article explaining strategies to become successful.

Sanjay has otherwise portrayed the professional business sense a woman has after being employed in the sex trade or prostitution. He has also made a mention that there are occasions when one is forced by circumstances to get into whoring. Sanjay has intricately shown the poets plea with regard to getting oneself recognized and make oneself prominent. Illiteracy is also a matter of concern towards achieving one’s goal and Sanjay calls it innate limitations, because the protagonist didn’t mind to cater to it during the earlier period of his life. Thus highlighting the need for education which today has become business.

Loneliness is also referred to as a matter of difficult living and family is given importance. There are at times odd things that are introduced on and off by the author, like getting an extra newspaper to widen information.

Sanjay Chitranshi has vividly poured his emotions into this book and has striven to make it poetic penetrations to its best.


The protagonist is about to turn forty, belongs to a rich and affluent family, lives a luxurious life but feels discontented because he believes that the world is ruled by fake moral values and suffocating bondages. He leaves everything and migrates to Kolkata to live a creative and meaningful life. He goes through many funny experiences in Kolkata in his quest to know what the real meaning of life is. He meets Debolina, an upscale prostitute, who loves to listen to his poems while making love. She tells him about many truths of life and finally he has the panacea for his confusions and doubts.

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