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Book Review: 'Principles to Success Made Easy' by Dr. Roopleen Prasad

I call it a perfect guide because it is truly a perfect guide. Because unlike other books which promise you that you will be successful immediately after reading their book this book stands different by not promising but providing guidelines on how one can really be successful. Success I believe happens everyday and by the efforts of each individual. But as the author rightly guides us there are moments in our life when we feel low or unable to trade the path and that is when we need guidance or direction to channelize our talents.

Dr. Roopleen Prasad seems to have learnt the art so meticulously that she has guided right from the beginning of the book. She starts the book by suggesting that the chapters in this book has to be read one by one and not in one sitting. Because each and every step is important in this process, we can’t jump the gun.

How many of us while climbing the stairs jump from the first step to the 10th step if there is one. Similar fashion we ought to go one by one to the next step. The book interior is designed well. The arrangement of each and every material by the author is perfect. Every chapter has got bullet points which give us a hint of the content of the chapter. There are about 14 chapters in the book and they are really fun to go through. The author provides examples from real life, but I felt that the examples could be even better keeping in mind the young minds of today’s generation.

The 14 chapters inspire, motivate, and make you love yourself, and do everything that is either entrusted to you or you have volunteered to do with the best of interest and love. Dr. Roopleen has made success purely a coveted art, that anyone who wills can seek to attain.

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