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Book Review: 'Ready..Steady..Exit' by P.C. Balasubramanian

Title: Ready Steady Exit

Author: P. C. Balasubramanian

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Price: Rs 120/-

Verdict: Strongly recommended book for CA aspirants and largely the whole community. The author is certainly an expert in his profession and is typically visible in his professional display in the story.

My Review: You have known the author for being non-fictional all the while but this is the first time he comes out to be ficiotnal and certainly just like he is the bestseller of his non-fiction books has the potential to turn this book as well a bestseller. the cover design as you see is totally revealing of the plot. FAB and the rise and fall etc. The characters are still alive and defining my life till date. The author has made it a mix of everything that is relevant today. You will notice themes related to love, friendship, financial struggles, family issues etc. Just like we say that an author is sure not to digress from revealing himself in the story exactly the same happens in this novel. Where you notice that the author leaves his opinions or traits onto the pages.

For me it was a good ride, want to know how it will be for you?

Purchase the book and have a read through……


Gautam completed Chartered Accountancy after several attempts and to his luck, landed up with Anand a close friend and brilliant CA, to launch an Accounting Services company named FAB. He finds love in the same profession, without much ado. Can life really be all that simple and straightforward? Can mere accountants build a valuable, visible, scalable and glamorous enterprise that could also grab business from across borders? That’s when Vimal comes in with a delectable package, an impressive consulting profile and his smart and very beautiful sister Ruchi, who agrees to support these starry-eyed entrepreneurs with her marketing acumen. FAB grows but relationship depletes. Some pull the strings, while others become puppets. Should they continue with the current arrangement or exit completely? Ready.. Steady.. Exit is a humorous, dramatic, romantic, enlightening and entertaining read. This story and narrative will inspire every reader, even more so if you are an entrepreneur or a Chartered Accountant or someone associated with financial services.

About The Author

P.C. Balasubramanian is a successful entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author who has just released his latest book called Ready…Steady…Exit. He is one of the promoter directors of Matrix Business Services India P Ltd, one of the leaders in the Business Assurance space.

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