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Book Review: 'Reminiscences of a Seeker' by K. K. Bhaskar

When you hold the book probably you would never take to reading it, because of the size and the gloomy look of the cover page of the book. But if you accidentally bump upon this book, you are sure to enjoy it. Enjoy it again, if you are a lover of spirituality and the quest for the divine. I would suggest, why don’t you read it just once? not because I want you to believe in God forcefully, but because I want you to know the dark and gory lives the sadhus, yogis and aghoris live that the author solemnly presents in this book. Perhaps you will be able to perceive the other side.

The author Kapil Kumar Bhaskar has explained everything in detail, well to some extent it is beneficial to keep the plot going but due to the overload of information and usage of numerous confusing characters the reader would usually tend to lose the interest in reading. Nevertheless the author has confidently and creatively sketched the characters. The whole story takes you through stories of hopelessness, struggle, depression, betrayal, envy, conflicts of the inner self and the desire for guidance to walk on the true path.

Who wouldn’t trust one’s own teacher, just like the protagonist of the novel? But what happens between the trust and the guidance exchanged? Is what one must be curious of, when one reads this book. The language is simple. The cover is acceptable but could be better. The length of the book is too much because of which the impact of the discussed issues doesn’t bear its desired fruit.

As you start reading the story you may find it a bit odd and may want to give up. But wait, there is lots awaiting to gratify your spiritual self. So go ahead and read this thriller. Hats off to the author for writing this book, simply a hardly written genre.

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