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Book Review: 'Sales People Don’t Lie' by Roshan L. Joseph

Roshan L. Joseph writes this book, “Sales People Don’t Lie” to focus on the different aspects of a salesperson’s life that need to change with a changing world. He passionately proves as a sales and marketing evangelist that sales people do not lie. From the beginning to the end of the book, the author presents a compact thesis on how wayward the sales industry turned out to be and why they need to be genuine and authentic. The flow is awesome. The style is brilliant. Roshan L. Joseph presents every proposition he makes with a substantial study made in the sales industry and the anecdotes or real life happenings that he is experientially blessed with.

The book is designed well; the cover design is by Ajoy Joseph who has presented it in a cartoon form. The interiors of the book look systematic and professional. The author had lot to tell his readers and therefore the line spacing and the font size could be higher. The smaller font sixe and the less line spacing disturbed the reading. The language is comprehensible. There is consistency in the flow of the presentation of arguments as the book contains a solid treatise of 49 chapters, although I felt that the last three to four chapters weren’t required to explain the title.

The author traces the salespersons role as a salesperson back to the Genesis referring to the serpent. The author takes a bold step as he confronts this phenomenon of misunderstanding created as regards to salespeople. The causes of such misconceptions being the pirates of sales. He also presents the heroes of sales who have stood by the truth and presented the reality. The salesperson according to the author needs to be talkative, having an attractive personality and one needs to be creative.

The author recognizes that there has never been a sales system so as to follow up and create a legacy. The system only later developed by Neil Rackam known as SPIN selling system he goes to mention it and explain it. He also states that motivation is also a necessity when it comes to being a sales person. To know the fundamentals that help one to sell the products he states a few principles and narrate that the sales person today in the wake of software sales happening online. One must be doing what is unique and contributing in a manner that makes the process of selling comfortable and more enjoyable for the consumer.

More so sales people do not lie as they indulge in a relationship which thrives on trust. The book is a gem and everyone aspiring to be a sales person must read it.

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