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Book Review: 'Secret, Sins and Struggles' by Kamini Kusum

When it comes to relevance the most trending and discussed topic is feminism in the social arena. Despite the awareness of equality of status to be granted for both the sexes, there is discrimination that still lurks in our country. The incidences that recently happened are the best examples one could state. There is no doubt that, in human beings there is a desire to show superiority over the other but often that is misunderstood. Feminine gender is considered inferior, becoming the victim of exploitation and that is the most crucial theme that Kamini Kusum deals in her book “Secrets, Sins and Struggles: The Journey of Five Women”.

It is a collection of five scary tales of five women: Pooja, Geshna, Shrawani, Harsha, and Avni. Kamini Kusum has leveled her imagination with the reality that you can comprehend the grossness of the issues that she deals in each of the stories. All the five stories though deal with discrimination they are different from each other with regard to the themes that the book explores. The five stories are titled as Brothel to Assembly, Love Corporate and Custody, Madam Bureaucrat, Sin, and That Rave Party Night. Kamini Kusum has intelligently argued for themes like sexual exploitation, career, love, romance, marriage, sex, relationships, power, sin, and forgiveness etc.

The language of the author is simple and one can easily strike a chord with the author except for the grammatical errors that persist in between the stories. The cover page of the book is simple and probably sketches the picture of five women who are lost. But nevertheless you see the author intentionally making the ending of each of the stories positive. And that portion looks a bit forced and monotonous as it happens in every story.

What kept me alert throughout were the last two stories of Harsha and Avni. The author has crafted these characters well and there are splendid twists and turns in these stories in particular, which stand out in this book.

I had a very pleasant and awakening read, more so refreshing my concern for the feminine gender. Not just that, reading this book created in me a sense of respect towards those who intend good towards us. I guess reading this book will fill you with that sense of positivity. So read this lovely book and vouch for protecting your own sister.

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